"Hierodeacon father Dionysios Firfiris"
by Lycourgos Angelopoulos

1. Verses from ps103 (104)
4th plagal mode

2. 1st verse from ps 140 (141) (Melismatic chant)
(†1800), 1st mode, 6:03

3. Verses from ps 140 (Syllabic chant) and a sticheron from the feast of Presentation of Christ in the Temple,
1st mode, 5:53

4-5. Two Dismissal Hymns in the 1st (Sts Athonites Fathers) and the 3rd mode (St. Athanase the Athonite) 3:21,

6. Antiphone of the Anavathmoi,4th mode 7:41

7. Doxology, 2nd plagal mode chromatic, 6:37

8. Two hymns from the Paraclisis, 7th mode, 3:30

9. Final verses and Kratima from the polyeleos of Theodorοs Fokaefs, 4th plagal mode 11:10

The recording was made in Karyes, Mount Athos, July 1982, by Lycourgos Angelopoulos. The drown is sung by deacon Chrysostomos Firfiris, Lycourgos Angelopoulos and loannis Papachronis.
© Greek Byzantine Choir, 1983
Production coordinator: Nikos Dionysopoulos